About Laura Orchant

Printed luxury goods

A Laura Orchant fashion piece is designed to empower its wearer with their bold and brilliant colours. Over 22,000 colour ways in a single item, transforming any outfit. Every design starts with a hand drawn design inspired by nature, adding layer upon layer of colour, manipulating the art to create vibrant, fractal pieces which capture the imagination.

The fabrics are carefully chosen to complement the piece with the highest qualities of silk and modal lending themselves to vivacious colour ways. Laura Orchant luxury collections can be found from New York to Tokyo, with notable collaborations with Universal Studios for the launch of the Rolling Stones Exhibitionism show and global tour in 2016 and more recently, a Take That limited edition print this year with their classic TT design.

We are very excited for this year! 2018 will be our most ambitious year yet with a number of collaborations set, and we'll be launching in some of the world's most prestigious stores.

Laura Orchant Designs specialise in printed luxury goods. We select the finest Italian silks, source the most luxurious modal fabrics and turn them into beautiful, wearable pieces of clothing and scarves which are finished to the highest standard.

We have been offering our printed products for 6 years to great acclaim and our products are sold internationally.

Laura, as Chief Designer, is involved in creating every print design and begins with a simple hand drawing, which she then digitises and manipulates into fractal bursts of colour. Her strongest influences are found in nature and many of the themes that can be seen over and over again are leaves, flowers and birds.

This year Laura is excited to be collaborating with Universal Music, once again to produce a Take That range of scarves following the great success of her Rolling Stones range which was sold in the UK and USA in 2016.


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