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Luxury print designer Laura Orchant has been creating high quality, hand-crafted wearable art since 2012. Each print combines bold colourways with sumptuous natural fabrics to create unique pieces, full of personality and style.  


An LO print encapsulates effortless elegance and timeless chic. Each design is hand-drawn, then digitised and manipulated into fractal bursts of colour, and printed in Como, Italy. All the collections are made of the highest quality fabrics such as silk, Modal eco fabric, and cashmere, perfect for those looking to make a sartorial statement.


Laura often takes her influences from nature, focusing on those small details often overlooked- bird feathers, or wild flowers for example- and creating something extraordinary. 


What began as a London fashion graduate’s passion project can now be found the world over, from New York to Tokyo. Notable collaborations include Universal Studios, and the Rolling Stones.  Most recently, Laura worked with Take That in time for their 2019 international tour, to create a beautiful limited-edition print, incorporating their TT design into a timeless classic. 



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