5 ways to style your kimono


So the summer is supposedly upon us, but it seems impossible to leave the house with appropriate layers at the ready! If you’re bold and go without a coat, you’ll be shivering by 5pm; bring your chunky winter coat and not only will you be dying of heat all day but it will completely wreck your summer outfit!

The kimono is a great way to layer whilst maintaining a summery look. It might seem like a tricky item to pull off, besides throwing it over your swimsuit to lounge around on holiday, but in fact kimonos are incredibly versatile and can be worn for nearly any occasion. We’ve collected the 5 best ways to style a kimono, giving your wardrobe a big lift with minimal effort.


1.Sprucing up an all-black ensemble

Pick a bright, floral print to layer over an understated outfit to keep it chic and simple. This is a great way to incorporate your capsule items with this season’s fashion trend.


2.Layered under a leather jacket

Mixing textures and lengths is a great way to make a sartorial statement- it seems like a bold choice, but it’s so easy to pull off. Pair with plimsolls to keep it looking effortless or chunky black boots for a more edgy look.


3.Over a work outfit

A great way to bring a little flair to your office wear whilst maintaining a professional look. Wear over a pair of tailored trousers and a button-up shirt, and finish off with a pair of backless mules.


4.Cinched in at the waist

This is a great look for a couple of reasons- nipping in at the waist is always flattering, and on top of that, if you keep your kimono slightly open at the front (assuming you’re wearing something underneath!) the long-line creates a slimming optical illusion. Use either a satin ribbon to keep it understated, or a leather belt paired with a structured handbag for a more polished look.


5.Ready for a night out

The easiest way to glam up an outfit for an evening out, without having to put much effort in at all. Layer over a strappy top, a pair of jeans and heels, and you’re ready to go!





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