A scarf, whether silk or a luxury blend is a timeless classic to add and uplift any wardrobe, a key component to any successful wardrobe. Each Laura Orchant scarf is timeless but also designed to reflect new and exciting eras, to be enjoyed through the generations. One of the things to be noted with Laura Orchant is the design process and attention to detail we give.Typically, hours are given to every design. Every centimetre, every inch, is carefully reviewed to create a finished piece.
The 'Over the Rainbow' print from the SS18 collection is inspired by the beautiful flowers in bloom where drawings were created from photographs taken of the blossoms and creations by nature at this time of year.
Whether you tie your scarf round your neck, your shoulders, your hair or your handbag you will be sure to transform any outfit with one of our beautiful pieces from this collection.
We have our core range of silk sables that have become our signature and every year we mix things up and introduce new options, ensuring we have our classic range and keeping with modern trends.

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